Nice to meet you!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are team of bike loving people who are just passionate to use their love for the bike into creating something we all love and to make it easier for you to do the same. 

Let’s meet Jos:

“bikes have always been a PART of life. When I was young I used to visit my dad’s uncle who was supposed to be a former world champion in cycling and director sportive in the late 60’s and 70’s in one of the most successful dutch cycling teams. Being a young kid this did not impress me really I discovered later that he was really a big guy in cycling… I was more impressed by the beauty of the slim steel roadbikes he had standing in the garage. Later on I started fiddling with my own bikes to build special bikes that were capable in laying down the longest skid-marks on the tarmac. Back then I discovered that a low seat height and wide motorcross handlebars where the best set-up for me and I used rear tires by the dozen. These led to an original Raleigh kids road bike with squeaky brakes. I fixed them by smearing BUTTER on the rims!! Luckily for me our dog loved the butter and licked most of it from the rims and that prevented me from serious accidents I guess. Next step was a BMX. After drooling over the Peugeot brochures with al the lightweight specials I finally got a BMX for my birthday and I was over the moon with it. Yellow cast wheels, bleu knobby tires and some real sparkling silver paint topped off with a serious hard yellow Cinelli saddle, I loved it!. Me and some neighborhood friends even built our own track complete with banked curves and ramps. We used to all sort weird stuff back then such as jumping over as many friends as possible. Thinking back to that now I am struck that there were even friends that were to prepared in being last in the row……

Being Dutch off course we used to cycle to school etc. By then I also got interested in motorized bikes and I owned a bunch of them and was always fiddling with them as wel. I was interested in restoring race bikes from a certain area and together with my best friend we even started a small company for it. Just to pay for our bar bills when we were still students (he now restores Ferrari’s etc for a living). After racing motorbikes for a couple of years I got more serious. Started a more professional life, got married to the love of my life and my life was being full of parental duties and work. About 10 years ago finally my midlife crisis struck me hard in the face and had to make some choices; a Porsche, a new girlfriend, motorbike or sports. Having not enough money for the Porsche, loving my wife too much and did the motorbike stuf when I was young it became cycling again. I bought a steel roadbike and started cycling. And the bug really bit me. In no time I was there on the top of Ventoux and became an Official cingle du Ventoux, did L-B-L, Amstelgoldrace, Vlaanderen and Paris-roubaix. Not fast but I did them next to countless climbs. I started building and restoring road bikes by the bunch. I started designing new concepts and idea’s. One them even made into production after I shared it with a manufacturer. Later I started Fons Bikes and that evolved into PART. Because so many man wanted to buy the bikes from us as well. That’s why we started using the same philosophy for a gender-neutral brand. I just love bikes, design, cycling and I feel it wil always be a PART of my life!


Let's meet Coen:

My life is not only about bikes, more about extreme sports. I’m an avid wind- and golfsurfer, I love snowboarding, skateboarding and skating. My bike love started on the mountainbike. It gives me exact the same excitement as boarding or surfing. The jumps, cornering at high speed and descending give a real adrenaline rush and I love it!. A few years ago I also discovered the road bike as an excellent tool to keep my fitness at level and gives me the chance to free my mind and get creative. Being a designer that is a welcome benefit. Nowadays I can hardly choose between the both of them. I love the kick on the MTB yet get a really excited by the design of a good road bike. Being a partner in PART is just perfect for me. I can now mix design, fashion, art and sports.

I live out in the country with my wife and kids I a small village closeby the sea and Forrests so I can easily practice my sports. 

Let's meet Jannes:


I'm the 'mechanieker' of the team. I used to be a competion riding mountainbike rider. Reasonable but good but nowhere good enough tomake a living out it. Althoug my education was in entire different direction my passion for bikes pulled me back to the workshop where I feel most at home. I still ride my bikes a lott and loving it. The Rapha festive 500 is something I'm doing off-road instead of the easy version on the road.... I do ride my roadbikes on an almost daily base and enjoy it. It keeps my fitness and speed at desired level. I live in a small town in the Netherlands with my violin playing girlfriend so whens she start practicing I need t get out on my bike. I enjoy the technical part and quality op PART, we really have some fine frmaes and I get the chance to create bikes out them for and with our customers. Watching them riding and having fun on their bikes is what motivates me most. Sometimes I go with them to shred some local tracks and get dirty!!

Onze motivatie

Met PART willen wij High-end race- en mountainbikes met een enorme keuzevrijheid beschikbaar maken voor onze klanten. We willen dit doen tegen een aceptabele prijs en met een vlotte levertermijn. Geen seizoensmodellen of vaste kleuren. Heel veel keuzes voor jou! 

Onze inspiratie halen wij uit de techniek, sport, de koers, natuur, design en keuzevrijheid. 

kies jouw eigen weg.

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